Sophie + Nathan

Sophie + Nathan

Saturday 20th June 2015

The big day had arrived for Sophie and Nathan to tie the knot and finally it was their turn!

I was particularly looking forward to today because we had met the couple on two other weddings we had videoed at before. I remember standing beside the ‘GuestCam’ at another wedding and Sophie came giggling up to me, requesting to leave a message. She was great and we were in fits of laughter. I was super excited to film her wedding in the months to follow.

Here it had arrived and after my journey back from Finsbury Park, London, Ryan and I met and began our day. Our first destination was at Sophie’s parents’ house in Great Chart, Ashford where we were to film the bridal preparations. We were greeted by two beautiful doggies who were adorably cute and quite evidently a big part of Sophie’s family. Alfie, Sophie’s gorgeous Labrador was dressed in a blue ribbon around his neck, he was so cute and we just had to get him in the video!

Hair and makeup was in full swing and Sophie was extraordinarily calm and collective. I know that she had been waiting ever so long for her turn and you could feel the excitement throughout the atmosphere. Today was going to be a great wedding! Sophie had a maid of honour, a bridesmaid, two page boys and two flower girls. It was certainly busy in the house but of course there was time for some delicious champagne. I am partial to some champers and if I wasn’t working, I’d have definitely joined in 😉

Sophie’s car had arrived and so it was time for us to head to the St Mary’s Church, in the charming village of Great Chart. The scenery was perfect and the church was a stunning vision. We were all set up and ready to go. We met Nathan and the groomsmen who were anxiously awaiting the bridal party and of course, his very soon-to-be wife. The congregation stood, the organ played and in came the bridal party. They all looked lovely and Sophie graced the room with her stunning presence. She looked amazing and Nathan’s face said it all. I’m sure it will be a memory he will forever cherish.

The vicar, I have to say, was an absolutely lovely gentleman who was ever so welcoming and hospitable. We were later on informed that he was the father of Sophie’s maid of honour and it was one of the nicest ceremonies I have experienced. It was so lovely, made personal to Sophie and Nathan and a real pleasure to be a part of. We were also treated to some lovely singing by one of the guests in the ceremony whilst Sophie and Nathan signed their legal documentation.

Our next destination was the Weald of Kent, Golf Course and Hotel. Situated next to Maidstone and Ashford the venue is surrounded by an 18 hole golf course with beautifully maintained lakes and picturesque views. It offers many years of experience in weddings and the staff ensure that all guests are satisfied and comfortable throughout their day.

Whilst the guests were mooching and enjoying their drinks in the sunshine we managed to grab a quick catch-up with the lovely Mr & Mrs Dirmauskas and Mr & Mrs Grieve in whom we’ve had the pleasure of being videographers at their weddings previously.  We love getting into friendship groups with Talking Fly because you always see familiar faces upon the guests and of course it’s great to hear about newly married life.

We didn’t have long before it was time for the speeches and today, doing it for the females, Sophie’s mum was the first to speak. Nathan and the best man were soon to follow and they did an excellent job! It’s never easy to speak in front of a large group of people but they delivered it perfectly 🙂

It was nearly time for us to leave but just before, an old tradition that isn’t done so frequently any more, the throwing of the bouquet. Now this is something that I particularly enjoy filming because we rarely do it and there is nothing funnier than seeing Ryan trying to anticipate which angle the flowers are going to be thrown.  Sophie’s beautiful maid of honour was the fortunate lady in whom caught the bouquet and I was honestly so happy about this. We had spoken previously in the day and what an absolute sweetheart. I have to say Sophie and Nathan really did have a lovely bunch of friends and family and we felt exceptionally looked after throughout the day.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Mr & Mrs Attoe, we wish you all the best in the future and hopefully, we’ll see you at the next one!


  • Tonia Oliver
    Posted at 12:31h, 24 July Reply

    What an absolutely beautiful highlight of as you so wonderfully put it, an amazing day I can’t wait to see the finished video this has made my day thank you

  • Kate
    Posted at 12:35h, 24 July Reply

    Aww it’s lovely and only just the highlights. Looking forward to seeing complete video. Xxx

  • Sophie Attoe
    Posted at 15:26h, 24 July Reply

    Thank you so much Talking Fly, you yet again exceeded my expectations. After seeing two of our friends wedding videos by you I was so excited for you to film our special day. This video captures some of the memories ill never forget and you did it so beautifully. You film like a fly on the wall and don’t intrude on the intimate times of a wedding yet still capture them and for that your AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for this and I’m so excited to see the full version in the coming weeks. I would defiantly recommend you to anyone who will listen xxxx

  • Tonia
    Posted at 11:08h, 31 July Reply

    Thanks Ryan x

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