How & Why I Became a Wedding Videographer

How & Why I Became a Wedding Videographer

Let’s start at the beginning, right back to before I purchased my Canon 5d. So it all starts with Devin Super Tramp; Devin is a Youtuber, he creates amazingly inspirational videos. These are normally short videos around 3-5 minutes edited to a piece of music. The actual footage is typically of some kind of crazy stunt like the world’s largest rope swing! He also films landscapes, nature, scripted comedy and much more.

I was so inspired by Devin’s work I knew from watching the first one, it was something I wanted to do. Being stuck in your average 9-5 desk job; the attraction of getting out of the office and into the fresh air was irresistible. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather spend my time doing!

So that very evening I went home and purchased the exact same equipment Devin used to create his videos; the same camera, the same lens, the same glidecam (camera stabilizer for smooth footage) just about the same everything. The quality of Devin’s videos was exquisite, I knew if I bought the exact same equipment the only limiting factor would be myself, something I was sure I could overcome.

The equipment soon arrived and I began experimenting with a few of the cameras features, I’d never picked up a video camera before so it was all very new. I took the camera outside and filmed a few bits and bobs like grass in the wind and ocean waves hitting the shore. Although I enjoyed my little dabble in filming, the prospect of actually making an entire video like one of Devin’s was overwhelming! I didn’t have a clue what I would film or even where I would start. The camera hit the top shelf and became one of those “I’ll do that another day” things.

A few months later I received a message on Facebook, my good friend Kirsty, next-door neighbour of 22 years was getting married and would I mind filming the wedding?! This was the seed that started my career in wedding videography, the more I thought about it, the more appealing it seemed. What could be better than going to weddings all over the country, seeing different places, meeting new people & most importantly of all getting away from that desk? The seed was planted, now began the task of growing it into a viable career 🙂

So I’d agreed to film Kirsty’s wedding; this was great but I didn’t want to turn up to Kirsty’s wedding as a total novice & I knew I would need more than one wedding video under my belt before I could convince brides & grooms to be to part with their hard earned cash. So back to the laptop I go… This time I ended up on a Wedding group on Facebook. I sent out a message offering to film 2 weddings for free preferably before the 31st December (Kirsty’s wedding). As you can imagine when people saw the word FREE they jumped at the chance, I soon had over 30 brides volunteering their weddings.

I picked out two of the most promising, the first, Colin & Kathryn’s wedding at Cooling Castle Barn on the 1st of December and second, Simon & Ven’s wedding at Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor. I chose these two for a few different reasons, the first being the venues themselves, from what I could see from their websites they were both stunning.  The second reason was because they were both before Kristy’s wedding. The third – they all seemed like nice people 🙂

I think that’s about it for this chapter of the story, in my next post I’ll cover Colin & Kathryn’s wedding at Cooling Castle Barn. I’ll leave you with one of Devin’s super cool videos, enjoy.

  • Kirst Gearing
    Posted at 10:54h, 28 May Reply

    WELL!! I love this blog very much Ry, I can’t wait to read the next instalment <3 You have always been an inspiration to me with your 'get out there and do it' attitude, and what can I say? Your latest (and if I may say so; greatest) venture has certainly proven that when you put your mind to it, you can do great things! I have always hoped for so much for you in life, because you are such an open honest and reliable friend. When I saw on facebook (oh social media, how you have changed our worlds) that you had a swanky new videocamera, I was intrigued… I had been planning my wedding for over 6 months I think, and had very early on seen the price of 'typical' videographers, and decided instantly that due to the high cost, it was something that would not be fitting into our budget. This had saddened me, knowing that I had looked back at my parent's wedding video from long before I was born, and having been able to see what they looked like, who came and the way that people moved and spoke to each other (rather than just the posed stills from the photographer – the things you can't capture in a still image). So when I put together the idea of your new videocamera 'toy', and my lack of videographer; what better solution than to ask one of my oldest and dearest friends to film the day. I have to be honest here: the most I was hoping for was video footage of the vows and the speeches where the camera was held vaguely still and you could hear properly what was being said (something that as we both know, my own pathetic videocamera is incapable of achieving!!!). So when you said yes I was overjoyed: there would indeed be video to look back on of our special day!!! When you began however, to ask what I thought of different things, and told me you'd be doing 'practice' weddings before mine I was overwhelmed!!! You were putting so much time and effort, going above and beyond, especially when essentially I had asked you a really cheeky favour!!! When you put up your first wedding video and asked me what I thought, I just could not believe my eyes. It was simply stunning; elegant and professional, and nothing like I could have imagined a 'first time' could possibly be!!! Not only was it beautiful but you had also put your artistic and creative flair into the filming; it was emotive work, it made me feel something for this couple that I had never even met. You added beautiful music, and the camera glided so smoothly through the rooms and people that it looked like something out of hollywood. Making the film itself 'silent' was such an ingenious idea!! No need to worry about audio or whether the vows had been said right!!! And it helped to capture the beauty in each moment because as a viewer we are only concentrating on the 'seen' and immersing ourself in the soothing and emotive carefully picked music you have chosen to accompany each 'phrase' of the video. Then we came to the big day; December 31st 2012. You arrived early, you looked smart and as usual, you were the perfect gentleman. You were sensitive to the high emotions that were running throughout the house and you were so very professional. You just 'got on with it'!! There was NO point when I thought 'where is that videographer, why isn't he getting this part?' and the parts when we needed a moment, you subtly disappeared to film the objects/items that didn't require people, like my shoes, my dress, (and even my cat!!) 🙂 At the church and reception I was no more *aware* of your presence than that of any of the other guests, you made yourself unobtrusive, undemanding, just what a bride and groom need a videographer to be. We had a fantastic day and we hope despite all your hard work that you were able to enjoy the day too!!! Then we played the waiting game… We left for Florida and did not expect to hear anything for at least a month. I know how time consuming video editing is!!! But… a little message from you one week in and we had a sneak preview of the video before it went live to the world. What on earth can I say? There are no words to describe the gift you gave to us in the beautiful video(s!!) you made for us. I cry everytime I watch them. You picked out things that go unnoticed in other wedding videos. The kids of the family playing, peoples faces as the magician wowed them with impossible tricks, the guests waiting for the ceremony to start, and Graeme waiting anxiously with his best men! (Which I would never have seen if it weren't for you!!). The videos are simply magical. They transport me back every time, and my friends and family agree that they are the perfect moments captured to keep and relive for a lifetime. The happiness you have given us is priceless. I am so pleased that you are choosing to make a career out of such a promising venture. I just know it will be a success, because it already is. You deserve every happiness Ryan, and I'm so glad you have found a career for yourself where just doing the work is rewarding, and the pay is just a bonus (it's not a job if you enjoy doing it!!!!). I am wishing you every success and joy for the future, which I can see is very bright for you! As you can tell, I wholeheartedly recommend your services and if anyone should want to chat to a previous 'customer' please send them my way!!! You deserve to be so happy Ryan, and I really hope you continue to enjoy this venture, and bring the happiness you gave to me and my family with your videos, to other brides and grooms. Make their 'big day' as memorable as you did ours. With all my heart I thank you <3 Love Always "The Girl Next Door" Kirsty xXx

  • Patrick Janka
    Posted at 14:38h, 06 July Reply

    Thank you for sharing! Devin Supertramp is great and I briefly owned his signature Glidecam before switching back to a gimbal. I wish you much success in the industry!

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