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    Client Details

    Music Track for your Extended Trailer (Up to 20 minute Video)

    DVDs, BluRays & USBs

    CAUTION: DVDs are not HD and your video will not look it's best on a large modern TV. If you do not have a BluRay player we advise watching directly from the USB stick whenever possible. All modern TVs and Games Consoles will play the USB stick.

    Additional Copies


    HD BluRay

    HD USB Stick




    RAW Footage

    Yes (£119.00)No

    Your documentary edit (if purchased with package) will cover the entirety of your day - including the best of what we captured, however there are always bits we won’t use… Perhaps there was a shake on the camera or the focus was slightly out. There will also be times when we’re using multiple cameras switching between each one showing a single view point; particularly during your ceremony, speeches and first dance.

    Delivery Address

    Social Media

    We'd love to post your trailer on our social media.

    Video Retention

    Due to the amount of resources required to store video we’re only able to hold onto your footage for 6 months after delivery. If you experience any problems with your wedding video(s) please ensure you contact us ASAP.

    We recommend purchasing at least two HD USB sticks and keeping them at separate locations. This will help keep your video safe in-case of fire, flood, theft etc. It’s also a good idea to keep a backup of your HD USB stick by making your own copies or even better uploading to a cloud storage service i.e. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.