Post-Wedding Questionnaire :: Trailer + Extended Trailer

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Music Track for your Trailer (Short Video)

IMPORTANT: We can only edit to length of your chosen track. A short track will result in a short trailer.

Music Track for your Extended Trailer (Up to 20 minute Video)

DVDs, BluRays & USBs

CAUTION: DVDs are not HD and will not look great on a large modern TV. If you do not have a BluRay player we advise watching directly from the USB stick whenever possible. All modern TVs and Games Consoles will play the USB stick.

Additional Copies


HD BluRay

HD USB Stick


Yes (£119.00)No

Your extended edit will cover the entirety of your day - including the best of what we captured, however there are always bits we won’t use… Perhaps there was a shake on the camera or the focus was slightly out. There will also be times when we’re using multiple cameras switching between each one showing a single view point; particularly during your ceremony, speeches and first dance.