Abbie + Jonathan

Leeds Castle Wedding Video

Abbie + Jonathan

Friday 16th October 2015

A beautiful wedding day, located in the stunning Leeds Castle with tastefully detailed dresses, a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and one very glamorous wedding dress. This hadn’t always been the case for our couple today however and from the track suited, comfy wearing baggy trouser wearer Abbie, this was certainly a contrast to the girl who once was.

I was very much looking forward to today. We had a couple of weeks wedding free and it was great to get back to doing what we love. I met Ryan from my St Pancras International train and we headed Maidstone bound to the gorgeous Leeds Castle. The venue is something else. With over 500 acres of garden and parkland, this historic castle really is a beauty and Ryan and I love filming it!

Something that isn’t so lovely however is the tremendous walk from the carpark to the castle. As videographers there’s always going to be lots of equipment to carry and the only way I can describe it is two overloaded donkeys plodding along the roadway. Nevertheless we made it! The staff are always excellent and so on the ball with their technological earpieces. We headed straight on up to the Green room to greet Abbie and her bridesmaids. The girls were all lovely and it was a really nice atmosphere to be surrounded in.

We were working alongside The Heff today, Mr James Heffernan of ‘Funky Pixel’ photographer and good friend.

Filming the bridal preparations was really easy, the girls were all very relaxed and Abbie was a natural around the camera. The Green room is absolutely beautiful and it’s grand décor and furnishings create a lovely opening scene for the wedding trailer.

I was dying to see the dress and with the permission of Abbie we unzipped the bag to reveal a gorgeous ‘Justin Alexander’ white gown. What I had to do next however left me feeling uneasy to say the least. James the photographer requested help in hanging the dress from the top of the stone stairwell. An easy task it would appear but when you’re holding onto a very lovely dress with a homemade noose made from the tie belt of a dressing gown, it all gets a bit worrying. All was of course perfectly fine and the dress was returned safely. Abbie, you can rest assure we are professionals! 😉

Along the corridor we met Jonathan and I must admit it was a little hard to distinguish which strapping chap was our groom!  Suited and booted in my favourite wedding outfit of the year, a lavishly smart tuxedo. There he was, Jonathan our very relaxed groom who couldn’t wait to see his beautiful bride.

A gift from Abbie to Jonathan before the ceremony was to begin, the swankiest watch I have seen! A gorgeous ‘Tag Hauer’ that made Jonathan a very happy man indeed. These two certainly know how to treat each other and undoubtedly Abbie’s ‘Christian Louboutin’s’ red soled heels didn’t go to miss within the ladies throughout the day either.

As always the time flies by and the ceremony was quickly approaching. I left Ryan with the bridesmaids and Abbie upstairs whilst I set up the equipment in preparation for the big moment. The guests soon entered whilst Jonathan stood awaiting Abbie at the front of the room and we were all at the ready! From the distance you could hear an almighty sound of bagpipes in which was leading Abbie from her room. Accompanied by the ushers, the bridesmaids made their way into the ceremony followed by the most important lady of all. In the arm of her father Abbie looked absolutely incredible and she made her way down the aisle. A few tears were had and the look on Jonathan’s face when he saw her was an absolute picture perfect moment.

The biggest formality was complete and finally they were married! With a few hours to mooch around the castle before the wedding breakfast, guests enjoyed the lavishly home comforts of the castle interior. Although the weather outside was very grim and it continued to rain all day, the day wasn’t spoilt in the slightest and Leeds Castle was the cosiest it’s ever been.

It was time for the speeches and I must say, a great job was done by all. We had tales of Abbie crashing her car, the days of Jonathan and Abbie working together and of course Jonathan’s dodgy DIY skills. The material was fresh, completely original and it was great to hear about the younger days of these newly-weds.

The drinks were flowing, the music supplied by the fabulous ‘Marylebone Jelly’ was turned up a notch and it was nearly time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and loaded the equipment onto our donkey backs and headed outside to the chilly winters evening. Abbie and Jonathan, than you for much for having us. You were a great couple to video and your guests were so friendly towards us. We had a blast! Congratulations on your wedding 🙂

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  • Arthur phipps
    Posted at 20:30h, 05 December Reply

    What fantastic filming can’t wait to see the whole thing lovely setting brilliant day quality job done thank you

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