Alex + Pete

Sevenoaks Weald Wedding Video

Alex + Pete

Saturday 29th August 2015

Had I have known this day was going to be as brilliant as it was I would have looked forward to it even more so. Ryan, had unfortunately failed to tell me that today was a festival style wedding and my black dress and red heels were certainly inappropriate attire to say the least.

We located the farm in the beautiful Sevenoaks Weald, headed toward what seemed like the hustle and bustle and were pleasantly surprised at the lavish layout of extravagant Tepee’s. This was no ordinary field with tents and portaloo excuses of toilets it was like a mini village in a woodland haven.

Today we were working alongside television crew for TV show ‘Get Me to the Church on Time’. It turns out that Pete was sent across the world in a bid to make and find his journey back to greet Alex and she waited for him at the church in England. I don’t know how either of them dealt with the stress and worry but all will be revealed in the show aired next year. Today was going to be a day of celebration with the couples much loved family and friends.

Within the centre of the preparations we found our beautiful bride with the final touches of her make-up applied. The bridesmaids were dressed and nothing short of the theme it was brilliant and certainly a convenient option. Orange dresses with one of my favourite types of shoes, Chuck Taylor, Converse. It was impressionable and I really admired the stylistic touches that were comfort orientated and fantastic for the grassy fields and muddy paths. The grooms men complimented the bridal party perfectly with their comfy chinos and smart braces.

We were working alongside the wonderful Steve Barber photographer and good friend of Ryan and I. Steve is such a genuine and hard-working individual that working together is always a pleasure. Be sure to check out his photos too!

The time was drifting by and guests were starting to emerge from their tepees and across the field. I cannot begin to imagine the preparation and time this wedding took to organise but to saviour every minute of the extravagance this was no one day wonder. Guests had a whole weekend to enjoy their surroundings and accommodated in their luxury tepees it was like a mini holiday for them all.

The experience felt like no other and it was really exciting to witness such a unique style of wedding. I followed the signs, headed for the arrows and found myself in the ceremony area. Down a few slopes, over a mini bridge and in between the haystacks it was perfect. It felt strange that the floor was uneven, that weeds grew in between branches of wood and nettles and its complete contrast to a pristine venue but this was nature and the finest beauty of them all. It didn’t have to try, it didn’t need the extra tidy or the red carpets along the aisle, it was perfect just the way it was. Positioned on a risen bank stood a table and where I thought the couple would take their positions. I arranged the equipment in order and awaited the groomsmen and guests. I must admit I felt an instant regret to the place in which I was in. A stinging nettle bush overridden by untamed leaves that were uninvited brushing against my skin. Nevertheless you do what you do to get the shot and that I did 🙂

Pete arrived and took his place alongside best man Nick. Looking slightly anxious and excited he waited for the arrival of his bride until one frantic moment when he had to double check the whereabouts of the rings. Where were they? But there was no time and the music began for the ceremony to begin. With a lovely song from the couple’s friend we were treated to a live performance as the flower girls, page boys and bridesmaids made their entrance and there were plenty of them too! Just over the bridge in the arm of her father Alex entered and she certainly made an entrance. The thing in which I profoundly admired about today was that Alex and Pete made their day exactly how they wanted it. It was so personal for them both and as she stood at the bottom of the wooden aisle she said “Pete, I’m here, turn around!” and a chuckle amongst the guests was had. The ceremony was to be taken by Laurie, their good friend and he did an amazing job. The couple were immediately at ease to see their friend smiling before them and it really did make the whole experience more intimate and enjoyable for everyone. Emotional was the best word in which I can describe the ceremony and I think almost every guest shared a tear or two.

The rings were about to be exchanged and a sudden look of panic on Pete’s face arrived as he desperately looked around in hope. A minute later the most gorgeous looking owl appeared and headed straight for his keepers hand with the rings intact. A change of destination was proven and this flying species took a turn toward the open air and in fact a much different location to it’s supposed.

Later on in the afternoon guests were seated and treated to an incredible buffet spread. We were straight in the que and it did not disappoint I tell you. The best and most amazing food however which absolutely deserves a special mention was the cake. Pete’s mum deserves an award for her carrot, honey and ginger cakes that were honestly so divine that I will only be dissatisfied by the next one I eat. There will be no comparison!

The evening was so much fun and with the organisation of Alex and Pete’s band the guests were lead into a frenzy of barn dancing banter. Just watching from afar was brilliant. Friends swinging their partners around, warn out hot and bothered dancers fighting to catch up and the stragglers who fell astray forgetting their direction and joining a new group. It really was the best way to get everyone up and involved leaving the dance floor full throughout the evening.

On behalf of Ryan and I, thank you so much Alex and Pete. It was so great to be a part of such a unique and special day. We’ll keep an eye out for the TV show and wish you all the love and happiness in your newly wedded lives together.

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