Becky + David

Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire Wedding Video

Becky + David

27th August 2015

Our journey for this wedding began a little early than any of our usual. We were heading to Doncaster! Travel bag packed, sweets intact and Ryan’s engine at the ready we headed to the motorway on the Wednesday evening before the big day. An approximate 5hrs, a KFC and 2 packets of cookies later we had arrived in Doncaster town centre for our two night stay. We stayed in The Red Lion located in the town centre, it had good reviews and Ryan thought it was a good choice. Walking into the building, unsure if we were in the right place, it turned out we were in a Weatherspoons. It was a newly refurbished hotel above the popular pub chain. Now, this was my idea of heaven and I was nothing but excited to await my English breakfast the following day. The hotel was lovely, fresh and everything was brand spanking new.

After a good nights sleep we were refreshed and I was certainly raring for my breakfast. It undoubtedly didn’t disappoint and the increase in portion sizes were unbelievable in contrast to my local London branches. With overly filled tummies and the time ticking on we headed back into our room to finish getting ready. It was at this moment and Ryan being Ryan, typically he had forgotten something and this time it was his trousers. Often its toothpaste and less important items easily replaced. A quick trip to Asda to buy some replacements was next on the list! But… before this another trip, first the trip of an electrical fuse. I have to say that when the hotel staff entered our room and asked how many things we had on charge a porky pie lie was transpired. We were worried about getting told off so assured the staff we only had phones charging, as we hurriedly stuffed several extension leads and camera chargers into a bag! Hahaha. Karma is on its way for us.

Leaving slightly earlier than planned to collect some new trousers for Ryan we arrived at Asda. He ran in, ran out and gained a pair of black trousers. It wasn’t until we arrived at Becky and Dave’s house that it became apparent that these bottoms were like Austin Powers 60s flares that I couldn’t help but have a laugh or two. More like 6 laughs. To the guests that saw them, please don’t judge him, he doesn’t normally look like that!

After an adventurous morning it was great to finally meet Becky and the bridal party. Everyone was really sweet and we immediately felt welcome in the house. We collected some great footage of Becky whilst her hair stylist was in action and were pleased with the mornings filming. Before leaving the house and heading onto the venue we met photographer Nicola of ‘Shakespeare Photography’ her relaxed style matched ours perfectly and she was an pleasure to work alongside.

We headed on to today’s venue Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. Located upon acres of rolling countryside, amazing views across woodlands and fields. Oozing with character this really was an incredible venue. With such spacious grounds and grand fixtures the possibilities to video were endless. Whilst wondering around we bumped into our groom, Dave and his best man Andrew. Our introductions were short, Dave was a very busy man posing for his photographs! Hahaha… But we had a good catch up with his mum in whom was a guest at a wedding we had previously filmed.

Before no time at all guests were seated and Becky had arrived. In a beautiful vintage car I watched drive past I knew we didn’t have long to wait. Whilst waiting we were treated to an excellent performance by the talented saxophonist Matt Stacey who entertained our eardrums with some cracking tunes. The variety in his songs were brilliant from slow sensations to modern movers he had feet tapping around the room.

The guests stood, the bridesmaids entered and in walked our beautiful bride accompanied by her father. She looked amazing. I’m sure that back in 2009 when this couple met, from once a dream Dave had, the realisation of today being the day in which he would marry the love of his life was finally here. The couple stood hand in hand as family and friends looked upon them to witness an incredible moment.

The afternoon was gloriously sunny allowing guests to enjoy sitting outside overlooking the picturesque views. Just as the tummy rumbles began food was ready and guests were seated. The speeches were unforgettable and I can remember them all so very well. Becky’s father had minimal words written down and wanted to speak from the heart. He certainly did and the words rolled from the tip of his tongue so naturally. It was clear to see how much love and support he had for his daughter and son in law and it was by far one of the lovelies and most sincere speeches I had witnessed. Our groom himself was next to take the spotlight and his words towards Becky were so sweet that I began to feel emotional myself! Andrew, Dave’s best man and brother was the final speaker and he also delivered an excellent speech. It was great to hear the childhood stories these brothers once shared and many laughs among the guests were had.

Once the evening had kicked in and the party atmosphere had arose we were contemplating how much dancing this group of people would do. When the first dance is complete we love having as many people on that dancefloor as possible as it really adds to the video. From robot and break dancing to the embarrassing dad dancing we love filming it! This group of people were honestly nothing short of a dance move or two and we were so pleased that they didn’t leave it empty throughout the duration of our presence. There was some epic party songs going on that really got the party started and I only wish I could have joined in.

Becky and Dave, thank you so much for having us. It was absolutely worth the journey and we really did have a cracking time with you all. We’re so glad we got to share such an important day with you all and wish you all the love and happiness together.

  • David & Rebecca Parry
    Posted at 18:28h, 15 October Reply

    Totally Magnificent, thanks ever so much for joining us on our special day and traveling all the way up to Yorkshire.

    This video has brought some amazing memories and write up was very touching.

    It was so lovely to meet you both and we can’t thank you enough.

    To all our guests,friends and family watching, enjoy the video.

    David and Becky.

  • Janice Kirby
    Posted at 20:47h, 15 October Reply

    David sent me the link to see the video of their wedding. Just the short sample brought tears. We all had a fantastic day and seeing it again was fantastic a day to always be remembered. Thank you both so much for everything you did to make David and Becky’s day a day to remember. x

    • Ryan Woodard
      Posted at 21:08h, 15 October Reply

      It was our pleasure Janice! We’re so pleased it has gone down so well. X

  • Graham parry
    Posted at 17:06h, 16 October Reply

    Great little collection of video clips bringing back memories of the fab day we all had. It was a beautiful day and setting for Becky and David’s momentous date. It was well worth all that waiting!! Thanks again for a lovely day and see you soon.

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