So it’s the morning of the most important day of your life… EEK!

Bridal prep is a videographers dream! It’s all happening; the make-up, the hair, the outfits. It is the most wonderful way to start your wedding film and delve into the excitable mayhem that unfolds.

Tip One: Food & Prosecco

Ensure that your bridal party have had a bite or two to eat. The truth is, you’ll probably be so busy in the hours to come that you’ll forget you haven’t eaten a thing. It’s also essential to eat if you are planning on having a glass or three of prosecco! A drop (but only a few) of Dutch courage is perfect for calming those nerves and selfishly for us, clinking glasses with one another looks great on video.

Tip Two: Hair & Make-Up

Now I’m sure you’ve already thought about what’s happening with your hair and makeup artists and the order in which you’ll each take your turn. My recommendation is that the bride goes first, you are the most important person of the day after all!

Although most of you brides don’t even need makeup, if you are conscious of being filmed without it – have yours done earliest so that we can crack straight on and capture the precious time you have paid us for. Equally, if time is of the essence, you don’t want to be the person that gets rushed.

If we are only covering a small amount of bridal prep, it still works perfectly in your wedding film. Often towards the end of preparations, you’ll get your lips touched up, your blusher re-applied and a hair grip re-positioned, so nobody needs to know we didn’t get it the first time around. It’s the beauty of videography.

Tip Three: Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts make for some of our best footage! Of course, you don’t have to exchange gifts to anyone, but if you do, hold them back until your Camera Operators / Photographers arrive, it’ll be well worth it. It’s such a great moment with natural reactions, hugs and kisses without the need to stage a single shot.

Tip Four: Timings

Now whilst you’re all relaxing and enjoying your morning, hopefully you’re not too anxious by this point – it is important to remember that you do have somewhere to be. It’s great to be a few minutes late to your wedding, its tradition, but please remember your nervously awaiting other-half will be anticipating your presence down the aisle. Time will absolutely fly by, you think you have bundles of it but you can never be ready too early. There is always that perfume in the box across the hallway and the deodorant in the suitcase in the other room that you haven’t accounted for and there is nothing worse than panic rushing. Having extra time means we can do more, your Photographer will most likely take extra photos too. Keep the nerves calm by enjoying yourself but being on the ball.

Tip Five: Music

Did you know that music increases your neurotransmitter dopamine?

Me either! Simply put – it stimulates the formation of chemicals in your brains ‘Motivation Molecule’ and is a rewarding way of pleasure, internally.

Having some classic tunes in the background of your bridal preparation will really ease the tension. It’s a great way of eradicating those awkward silences. The day in its entirety, is different to your average – so create a soundtrack and enjoy. If you’re stuck for choices, Spotify has some excellent playlists; ‘Wedding Party’ ‘Wedding Bells’ and ‘Wedding Songs’ to name a few.