Chris + Rich

Chris + Rich

Saturday 30th April 2016

The morning of Chris and Rich’s big wedding day had arrived. Those internal butterflies were fluttering and both grooms were super excited to marry the man they were madly in love with.

We arrived at Buxted Park Hotel, East Sussex and were eager to get filming. There is always a real refreshing element when it comes to visiting a new venue and today certainly brought that.

The biggest and most evident part of the day was the love and support of both families. After an extremely emotional ceremony – I don’t think even I’ve shed as many tears at any other service, it was all so crystal clear. The vows they made to one another were so lovely, personal and such a pleasure to gain an insight into the lives of both clumsy and super organised Chris and Rich. The relationship between them both was surrounded by lots of love and encouragement and it really was a beautiful occasion.

The day ran so smoothly from the gorgeous sunshine on the lawn with a wonderful saxophonist to the speeches that had everyone back on the Kleenex. I must say one my favourite moments was when we discovered that babies really do have a tight grip when it comes to hanging on the washing line!

The party had really got started, watching everyone singing into their pretend microphones each “defying gravity” and throwing some shapes was outstanding 😉 … It was certainly a shame when home time approached for I know these were a lively bunch and a real feel-good time was had.

Thank you both for a wonderful day. It was a pleasure to see two great men marrying one another. Congratulations and I wish you both many many years of laughter and joy in your newly married lives.

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