The Wedding of

Colin + Kathryn

5 December 2012

The Wedding of

Colin + Kathryn

5 December 2012

My very first wedding video at Cooling Castle Barn, thank you Colin & Kathryn for being my Guinea pigs!

I mentioned in a previous post (How & Why I Became a Wedding Videographer) that I’d found Colin & Kathryn on a Facebook group, the Kent Wedding Swop Shop to be exact. I just want to say a big thank you to all the people running the various wedding groups on the net, they have been a massive help to me and I know I would not be where I am today without them, so thank you!

Kathryn emailed me after reading my post offering free wedding videography to build my portfolio and gain experience. It was quite unlike the messages I’d been receiving through Facebook where brides to be or b2b’s as they’re known on the net ;) were sending short messages stating their date and venue. Kathryn’s message explained that she’d been let down by a family friend who was originally filming the wedding, she had included all of the days timings explaining when and where people would be; the small details that make all the difference to us Vidographers!

Colin & Kathryn’s wedding was on the  1st December 2012, just over one week away from when I’d sent out my post on the Kent Wedding Swop Shop. A little sooner than I had anticipated but the venue, Cooling Castle Barn looked amazing, my equipment was ready and the bride seemed perfect so I decided to go for it!

I arrived at Cooling Castle Barn at midday just before Colin arrived in his NYPD Cop Car (nice touch Kathryn). I soon met the Wedding Photographer Lucy Bateman, someone else I need to thank for the various advice she gave me throughout the day.  This was my first “professional job”, meeting Lucy and collecting some of her “wedding wisdom” really was a great help.

I found it difficult finding the balance between being intrusive and simply not getting the shots. People tend to act awkwardly when you stick a camera in their face (I wonder why?) haha… I know I certainly would. This wedding taught me its best to stay as far back whilst using a zoom lens to get in close as possible, this doesn’t always work but a rule I tend to stick to.

All in all, this wedding was an absolute joy to be apart of and is still one of my favourite highlight videos to date.

A Message from Colin & Kathryn

Dear Ryan,

I know time has passed very rapidly since our wedding in Dec ’12, but I couldn’t let time go by any longer without sending you a ‘Thank you’ & compliment you for the wonderful wedding video you did for us.

On the day you came across  very professional, but at the same time approachable and were able to work collaboratively with us, our photographer, the Registrars and the venue. You became “part of the family” and blended in well within the ceremony and day. The video also highlighted this aspect, as if you knew my guests!

The video was such a contemporary way of ‘highlighting’ the day, using many different techniques. I especially liked the speeded up, times exposure effect (or whatever the technical name is!).

Your attention to detail really shone through and focussed on the personalised aspects & emotions of the day… This is really poignant now and I am so more appreciative of this 4 months later following the recent death of my Father. Cherished memories captured forever.

The highlights video is a great way of showing those that were not at the wedding via social media and the blu ray disk (which was so beautifully presented & personalised) its a lasting memory.

Wishing you every success in your future business venture, will keep in touch and look forward to seeing further examples of your work.

Best regards Kathryn & Colin Bassett.