The Wedding of

Emily + Tommy

8 July 2015

The Wedding of

Emily + Tommy

8 July 2015

What a warm, beautifully sunny start to the day – perfect for a wedding.

Ryan and I met in the morning and with the car windows unwound and the sun beaming down we headed straight to the Knowle Country House in Higham, Kent for a fun filled day with the soon-to-be married Emily and Tommy.

It’s always difficult deciding on the perfect venue for a wedding but Emily and Tommy certainly got it right today. A lovely outside ceremony in the grounds of the Knowle with the perfect weather forecast. The Gazebo is always an attractive sight to video with its draping flowers bursting with magnificently bright colours. The gardens are extremely well-kept and you can successfully rely on a stunning shot for our footage.

We began filming Emily throughout her bridal preparations and it gave us a good chance to meet her very sweet bridesmaids, who if it wasn’t for Alice, Emily and Tommy would never have met! We also had the opportunity to meet Emily’s mum, Carol, who I hear is also a blogger, don’t judge me! I wasn’t employed with blogging in my job description… haha.

Emily was completely ahead of schedule and the entire bridal party in fact, were finished in their preparations over an hour early. I don’t think this has ever been witnessed in the history of weddings! So another bottle of champagne opened and the Spotify volume cranked up a notch.

Once again we were joined by the lovely Fiona Stone, Emily’s photographer for the day in whom we work fantastically well with. Fiona is tremendously experienced and working alongside her is without doubt a real blast. It’s great for us as videographers to work alongside photographers that have the same arrangement in the way in which they work. It’s important in our positioning for one another not to be in shot and when working with the likes of Fiona, we’re old hands.

Whilst the time was ticking by the nerves began to creep in and guests started to arrive. One of the many great things about the Knowle is their resident DJ Damien, who is equipped with speakers inside and out. He played a charming acoustic playlist that set the scene perfectly and allowed guests to ease into the atmosphere, tapping along to their favourite tunes.

Ceremonies outside are handy for ease of access for us videographers and this meant that whilst I was able to capture the really intimate footage between Emily and Tommy, Ryan was gathering the artsy long shots from afar.

I remember, ever so clearly, how caring Emily was as a bride. Her bridesmaids were dressed in beautifully flattering dresses that were a reflection of their own style and personality. Whilst Alice wore dolly shoes, with the dislike of having her feet on show, and Pia in sandals they stylistically complimented the bride perfectly.

With Tommy in place and his best man Simon beside him, it was time for the wedding to commence! Cameras at the ready, adjusted focus on the red carpet, recording in action and in she came. With the accompaniment of her step-father and dad arm in arm, they made a fabulous trio and what an impact they made. Of course Emily in her breath-taking, elegant white gown stole the show entirely and it was a tear-jerking moment for many of the guests. The ceremony was really rather endearing with special readings from Tommy’s sister and Pia. I think one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony was the entrance of Tommy’s son Alex and Brianna who strutted their stuff and did a fabulous job. Well done kiddies!

With the formalities complete and the guests relaxing in the wonderful weather, the speeches were looming. I was blissfully unaware of how karate orientated the family was. I’m hoping very much so that you are thoroughly happy with your videos just to eliminate the potential prospect of a family of hard core karate kickers…. Ouch!

Something that undeniably deserves a mention is the mesmerizing cake. With Tommy in the construction business it was always going to be a cracking choice, a Lego cake! With a three tiered, chocolate, lemon and madeira sponge it wasn’t just your average cake. Lego men stood upon the layers with spades and shovels and cones for healthy and safety. Harnessed and laddered for a day working on a spongey construction site, this Lego sensation really was a sight.

It was almost time for us to leave but we were exceptionally fortunate in having the opportunity to watch ‘The Soundcasters’ – the band that brought the party! They were amazing and it was great to hear some of those golden oldies (see video below) . I’m certain that a good night was had by all.

A big congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Watson, we had a brilliant day and wish you a long and happy life together.