Emma + David

Farnham Castle Wedding Video

Emma + David

Saturday 21st November 2015

An early start to the day but an exciting and fun packed one to say the least. Of course it was a day in which our lovely bride and groom had been eagerly awaiting for a very long time. The preparation, the excitement and of course the massive organisation had all boiled down to this day and we couldn’t wait to get started!

We were off to Surrey and so our journey along the M25 had begun. The weather at this point had taken to a very bitter chill and soon enough a white layer coated the car and white snowflakes sprinkled among the windscreen. It was lovely and the inner children of Ryan and I were in full swing. There is always a certain amount of excitement when snow is falling and for me, I was hoping it lasted to create a wonderful winter video. Of course by the time we arrived at the stunning Farnham Castle the sun shone and not even a minuscule speck of snow was to be seen.

The castle was quite simply a vision of pure elegance and class. We took a few moments to wander around and immediately we knew it was going to be the perfect scene for our ‘Highlights Video’. We were welcomed in by the lovely staff at the castle who were so helpful and a pleasure to work alongside.

We gathered the equipment and headed to the Gatehouse to meet Emma and her bridal party. With a knock on the door we were so pleased to be introduced to a great bunch of people. It was nice to see the familiar face of Hollie Carlin, today’s photographer in whom is a great friend and photographer.

It was going to be a little bit different for us today. We had a few new goodies to add to the videographer’s equipment list with a new Macro lens, a secondary Glidecam and a pyramid that I became rather fond of. We were fortunate in having lots of time to play about with the new gear and managed to capture some really lovely footage in the process.

The Gatehouse was large and very spacious for the bridal party to get ready in. It was homely yet simplistic with a variety of rooms that were fully functional with everything they needed. Makeup by the talented ‘Carly Chantler’ was well underway and you could sense the excitement as the time went on.  With our new Macro lens we managed to get a really lovely shot of mum Helen who was sewing the wedding ring of Emma’s grandmother into the wedding dress. At the time Emma was having her makeup applied and wasn’t present in watching and it really was a special moment that we were pleased to have captured.

2PM was nearly approaching and it was time for me to set up for the ceremony in the Lantern Hall. It was here that I met our groom David who was welcoming in the guests. Cleary a very popular couple the castle was packed with beautifully dressed ladies with fancy weddings hats, men looking sharply suited and booted and some very cute children.

The moment had arrived and with the guests all stood, bridesmaids Samantha, Keely, Becca, Victoria and Abigail entered the room. They looked gorgeous and of course shortly followed by the lady herself Emma in an elegant white gown in the arm of her father Nick. She was a stunning vision of pure beauty and the reaction on David’s face was a real delight to witness.

With the ceremony complete they were married and a big congratulations indeed! Everything went swimmingly and our next formality was those all-important speeches. In the meantime we were treated to some wonderful music by the extremely talented harpist ‘Amy Turk’ She was excellent at getting those toes tapping throughout the room.

We were all set up and ready for the speeches and what a line up we had. From a very proud father we learnt the achievements and successes Emma had gained throughout her life. David, our groom himself who left tears in our eyes from the devotion and loving words spoken to his new wife. Finally, last but certainly not least we had a brilliantly memorable version of Oasis – Wonderwall that truly was fantastic! So good in fact a standing ovation was had and I’m certain he made Emma and David very proud.

One of my absolute favourite parts in this video has to be when we captured Emma and David watching their fireworks. It was very sweet and a surprise to all the guests. It really was the perfect way to begin the evening and once the band ‘Ruby and the Rhythms’ had begun there was no stopping the dancing sensations on the dancefloor.

Thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. We had a great time and it was an absolute pleasure to be your videographers. Congratulations on your marriage and may your lives together be filled with love and happiness.

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