Farnoosh + Andres

Farnoosh + Andres

Saturday 6th June 2015

The weather today, started very promising and as I left Manor House, North London I was more than sure my little black dress would be an appropriate number for today’s events. Passing through the city I entered fields of green and Kent was approaching. Ryan and I met at Ebbsfleet International and drove straight to our first destination, Tudor Park Marriott Hotel, Maidstone.

We arrived nice and early in time for the bridal preparations. Farnoosh greeted us with rollers in her hair and dressed in a suave gown, she looked glamorous even before the preparations! She had a twin hotel room which was brilliant for space and ease of access. With Ryan on the steady cam and myself on the tripod we managed to capture a general overview and the finer details amongst friends and family in the room. Ryan also met our groom, Andres, who was more than happily enjoying his morning swim.

Before no time at all it was time to venture onto our next location, The Orangery, situated in Maidstone Kent. We love it here and it’s always a pleasure working in such a stunning, welcoming venue. The grounds are particularly large and with an outside ceremony, I prepared the cameras and equipment. The details in flowers and decorations was amazing and Farnoosh really did a great job in making the venue look even more luxurious. We enjoy all of the weddings we work at and find them all different in their own way but today was going to be something very new to us videographers…

With our Persian bride and Spanish / Indian groom we would be experiencing an Aghd ceremony for the first time, which we were extremely excited about. The ceremony is a formality where vows are exchanged and official marriage certificate signed with many customs and rituals. Today however Farnoosh and Andres opted for an English ceremony and then an Persian ceremony to follow. This was a great opportunity for us to video lots of footage and partake in something a little different.

Time was ticking by and we were all set for the first of our two ceremonies. After such a wonderfully scenic route among bridges and amazingly bright flowers Farnoosh made her entrance. What a stunning vision. Her pure elegance and beauty graced the atmosphere and she certainly was an incredible sight to see. With the ceremony drawing in guests were entertained by two very talented musicians who embellished our ears with a saxophone and guitar duet. They were great and really set a fantastic atmosphere among friends and family.

Farnoosh and Andres made their way across the luxurious grounds and headed towards their second ceremony to await their guests in a receiving line. It was in this time that I repacked the equipment and made my way down towards the venue in preparation for the Aghd ceremony. As I entered the room it looked amazing. It was clear to see that so many people had gone to great lengths in making it look so special for the newly wedded couple. The limelight was the remarkable Aghd Sofreyé, which is a large table full of symbolic and traditional objects. Farnoosh and Andres entered the room and hand in hand sat facing the table and all of their lovely guests. It was incredibly fascinating to watch. From the iconic mirror in which the couple are to look at themselves in, the bowl of sugar representing the sweetness in their lives, the honey and canopy, we were in for a real treat. We wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was an overwhelmingly great experience and we are so fortunate to witness such a ceremony.

It was time for the guests to be seated for food and this meant one thing…speeches! I always enjoy this time as we get to hear some terribly funny and often a little embarrassing stories. We were lucky enough to have quite a few speeches today with words from Farnoosh’s father, sister and Maid of Honour in addition to the best men and groom. I have to say, they really were a great bunch of speeches as I’m sure you’ll agree when you get to watch them. It’s not often the bride’s sister and maid of honour share a few words but they were really rather touching and did a grand job. The best men also deserve their own mention who enlightened us with their extremely professional and top quality investment speech. Well done guys! You did Andres proud.

As the evening was drawing in and the dessert plates were cleared, it was time for the party celebrations to commence. First up, cutting the cake. Farnoosh and Andres took their places beside one another and after the initial camera flashes had flashed and the cake was cut the music turned up a notch and dancing began. It was such an extraordinary situation to watch with guests taking the spotlight and jiggling about with the cake knife. We had everything from the robot impersonation to some super sexy hip wiggles and it will add superbly great memories to the videography.

It was a really spectacular day for us and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I found it particularly hard to leave when the amazing ‘The One Step’ band joined in the evening events. They were amazing!!! And I cannot recommend them enough. Honestly, they oozed with a real passion for music and brought some sensational vibes that I hated to depart. Definitely check them out! – www.theonestepband.com

We would like to thank Farnoosh and Andres for having us. We can’t wait to show you the video. Have a wonderfully long and happy future together and we wish you all the joy and love in the world.

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