The Wedding of

Jade + Dean

6 October 2015

The Wedding of

Jade + Dean

6 October 2015

My first acknowledgement of the day was the brutal awakening of my 6AM alarm from my beautiful bed in North London. After the initial fight to return to sleep mode I quickly remembered that today was a wedding day and I soon surfaced. Somebody that I know would have also been awake at this hour was our lovely bride Jade. In fact, I was later on informed that no sleep at all was had by many of the bridal party!

I met Ryan at Stratford International and we headed towards Wallington in Surrey to video the bridal preparations. As we pulled up and located Jade’s parent’s house we were pleased to be in such a nice family home. We were very warmly welcomes in and even provided with drinks, pastries and wraps. It really was the best possible start to our day. Jade’s mother Hazel, was brilliant and attended to everyone’s needs all in the process of looking amazing. There was a really excitable atmosphere in the house and we knew were in for a great day. We were soon introduced to photographer Selina Goss, we’ve worked with her a few times before and it certainly was great to catch up. Selina is brilliant at what she does and is such a friendly person to be around. We always look forward to seeing her face.

With the preparations well underway we managed to get some lovely shots of Jade whilst having her hair done. She was a gorgeous bride to video, naturally very pretty and at ease with the camera. The laughter and happiness throughout the house made it in fact very easy to film everyone.

Pleased with our footage we headed on to St Mary’s church & Westerham, to meet Dean. With a few trips back and forth to the car, up and down what felt like Mount Everest with bags swinging from our heads and a good 3st lighter, we had arrived. In the distance appeared an usher, two ushers, three ushers, in fact I believe there were 10! What a popular couple Jade and Dean were and I’m sure they all felt honoured in all playing such a big role in your day.

Pushing Nan in her wheelchair along the cobbled footpath there was Dean incredibly calm and excited for the day ahead. We didn’t have long until guests were seated and after the arrival of a few later guests we headed into the church. With myself at the front on the tripod and Ryan waiting for Jade and her bridesmaids outside the church we were all ready to begin.

With the entrance of four very gorgeous looking bridesmaids, Jade was seconds away. In the arm of her father Glen, she stepped inside the church and looked absolutely amazing.  What a complete stunner with a true essence of class and beauty. Something that really did make me smile was when Dean turned around with the biggest smile on his face, took a moment for himself to readdress the moment in which he would never forget, gave Jade a cheeky wink and said something like, “You alright”.

Hand in hand they stood at the front of the church making their vows and exchanging their rings. They were married!!!!!

With the biggest formality complete the newlyweds headed off in their white vintage car to the next destination, Westerham Golf Club. Located in Kent this 72 course golf club spreads across 6,270 yards making it the perfect venue overlooking lots of land on a picturesque setting. Guests soon followed and in the company of their good friends and family mooched in the homely surroundings of the venue.

It was soon time for the wedding breakfast and that meant one thing… speeches! Some lovely words from father Glen, some digs and laughs from the best man and of course the romantic Dean who turned many of us into emotional wrecks. All the speakers did a brilliant job but my upmost favourite part was when Jade to the mic. An unplanned few words are always the best and after countless jokes about the size of Dean’s ears, Jade simply said, “I know he’s got big ears, but I kinda like them”. Classic!

The evening started drawing in and the party atmosphere was really starting to arise. We couldn’t believe the amount of guests that were arriving and it became very apparent that these two were certainly a very popular pair.

Something a little different was the music and with a DJ and a live band intact, we were all in for a treat. With the disco provided by the lovely Kevin at Sound factory the dancefloor was full before the first dance had even began.

The band, Mr McIntosh, were absolutely fantastic and provided some utter tunes for everyone to dance to. I would definitely recommend checking them out and my only issue was, we couldn’t stay longer to boogie on down with them.

In the meantime we had brought along our ‘GuestCam’ and it was my job to run about and persuade guests that seeing themselves on screen and leaving a message for the happy couple was definitely a good idea. Much to complete contrast as to how this usually works, everyone was so up for it and they really were a great bunch to film.

Ryan and I would like to thank you both for having us. You are genuinely such a wonderful couple and your guests were fantastic. We wish you all the love and happiness together in your new married life.