Jennifer + Chris

Jennifer + Chris

Sunday 24th May 2015

We arrived on the morning of Jennifer and Chris’ big day at St Mary’s Church in Gravesend, Kent. With our ever-growing collection of cameras, tripods, microphones and bags it was my job to unload the car and set up the equipment inside the church whilst Ryan began filming the historic building and its attractive grounds. The great thing about our job is that we’re always moving from location to location and we see some fantastic places that really do set the scene for our ‘Highlights’ and ‘Full Length’ videos. We were joined by one of our favourite photographers, Fiona Stone with whom is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is fantastic at establishing a great relationship with a couple, making them feel at complete ease in front of the camera. We can’t wait to see the photos!

The church was soon filled to them absolute brim  up with Chris and Jennifer’s closest friends and family and the ceremony was almost ready to begin. Chris took his place at the front of the church alongside best man and the doors opened for the arrival of the bridal party. They all looked lovely and of course all eyes were on Jennifer as she walked along the red carpet in her beautifully flattering white wedding dress. I always feel enormously fortunate in having the opportunity to film at the front of the church where I get to see all the best bits! Our positioning in the church was brilliant all round. The vicar was incredibly welcoming and gave us permission to stand at the front and upstairs, overlooking the guests at the back of the church. It’ll give the footage a more overall appearance in addition to the cute close-ups.

The service was lovely and side by side Jennifer and Chris looked like the perfect newlywed couple. Next it was time to head to the gorgeous venue that is The Knowle Country House, Higham in Kent. Situated upon 14 acres of orchards the Knowle offers an incredibly friendly and warm atmosphere that specialises in amazing English cooked food. Honestly, if you’ve not been lucky enough to try their dessert cart, it’s worthy of a visit for that alone.  The staff are ever so helpful and will do their utmost to accommodate your every need.

Next up, speeches! Exciting for us as listeners but a little daunting for the speakers. First to take to the microphone was Jennifer’s father and what a legend. It took no time at all for us to see what a popular man he has become with the couples friends and I believe he’s gathered a few fans after the famous stag do’ proceedings.

Speeches are always a nice time for us to get a real insight of the couple’s relationship and it seemed to be, that if it wasn’t for Jennifer’s cheeky bum pinch in that fine establishment of a nightclub, we wouldn’t have had a wedding day or even a couple. It’s a blooming good job she was fully committed to that pinch!

What a great selection of speeches, never have I witnessed such a roar of laughter when we were informed of the cat that pooped in Chris’ school bag. Also, a big well done to the young lady that won the £50 bet on the length of speeches, they were around 47minutes long. It’s not every day you go to a wedding and win money! Drinks on you…

It was a certainty that this family were a real unit and the support from friends and family was overwhelming. Several guests even flew all the way from Australia!

The cake that stood central to the bay windows was a beauty and made by Jennifer’s mum. What a talented lady. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to try some but I am imagining by the looks of how yummy it looked, there wasn’t any left.

The day was drawing in and the evening was just getting started. Drinks were flowing, mostly pints and several of them in fact, empty, on the top of Jennifer’s head… Absolute trooper! It was time for us to leave and let those eager guests get on the dancefloor without the dawning prospect of video evidence! All in all, a superb day with a real essence of laughter and fun. We wish them all the happiness in the world.

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  • Jennifer
    Posted at 11:23h, 08 August Reply

    We absolutely love our video. I was expecting it to be good but this is so lovely. I can stop watching it ?

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