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Kellyann + Carl

Friday 18th September 2015

Kellyann and Carl’s big wedding day had finally arrived and we knew a great day was ahead of us. From our arrival and setting up the equipment I began to recognise more and more guests. With one of our previous couple’s weddings, Lauren and David there were many mutual friends and it was great to see everyone. It’s also great to see certain individuals sober. I recollect a few drunken ‘GuestCam’ messages that were absolutely brilliantly well done and fully outrageous of course… 😉

However, today was Kellyann and Carl’s day and we started the morning at High Rocks, Tunbridge, Kent. With no bridal preparation to film we began filming the venue shots and capturing guest arrivals. It made a nice change not to shoot bridal preparations because the first time I get to see the bride is when she’s walking down that aisle!

Carl appeared really calm and in the company of best man David, he greeted his guest with a large smile. It was in the morning that we met photographers, Andy and Sol of ‘Brighton Wedding Photography’. They were an absolute team and it was a pleasure to meet such passionate individuals. They really were a lovely couple to be around.

Guests began to be seated and we were all ready and in position for Kellyann’s arrival. It just so happened that at the very second Kellyann would need to make her way into the building through the outside walkway the heavens would open from above. It was the start of an almighty downpour that lasted throughout most of the day. This by no means at all was going to ruin this fabulous wedding day and within no time at all the music began and the guests stood. All eyes down the aisle and in entered Kellyann’s three beautiful bridesmaids that looked gorgeous. Accompanied by her father, it was the moment we had all been waiting for. Kellyann made her entrance and didn’t she give us a breath-taking vision. She looked stunning and Carl’s reaction really was a true reflection of his love for his soon-to-be wife.

The registrar was fantastic and the ceremony was so lovely and intimate. She really put Kellyann and Carl at ease whilst their closest friends and family watched upon them tying the knot. The most formal part of the day was complete but the speeches still remained. Before the wedding breakfast however, guests mooched around the venue and dashed outside between the rain breaks. A special mention to the gorgeous little Caitlin, the bride and grooms daughter, who was so well behaved and such a little angel throughout the day.

The speeches were to be spoken before the wedding breakfast today and this meant everyone could relax and enjoy their meal without prolonging the daunting prospect. With David as best man, returning the duty to Carl on his wedding day, I was so happy to hear the opening few lines about the meeting of these two as school boys. I don’t need to explain it all again but the delivery from David and the giant boogie has secured the friendship of these two for life and guests, myself and Ryan included were in fits of laughter throughout. The speeches were brilliant; another one of my favourite parts was when Carl said something along the lines of “You made me the happiest man alive when I saw you walking down that aisle” and in return Kellyann commented “How did you know that” of course the planning of the speech meant that Carl pre-empted the feeling and Kellyann gave us a chuckle all round. She’s not silly Carl!!!!! We were also treated to a speech by the father of the bride and Tash, best friend and Maid of Honour who said some gorgeous words that gave us a brilliant insight into the bond between these two best friends.

The party vibes began to arise and evening guests started arriving. Clearly a very popular couple, the room was completely full with friends and family. The first dance was very sweet and seeing this newly wedded couple dancing in the spotlight was lovely. The dancefloor was packed and the guests certainly didn’t let us down on the shape throwing that evening.

Ryan and I would like to thank you both for having us. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your day and we wish you all the love and happiness in your little Robertson family.

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