Lorenzo + Michelle

Lorenzo + Michelle

Lorenzo & Michelle… What an absolutely amazing couple. From the moment I set eyes on them in the Hilton, Maidstone, I was quite confident I would be able create a spectacular highlights video. Of course that had nothing to do with the fact the wedding was being held at Leeds Castle nor that Michelle is an actor and quite used to being around the camera 😉

A Messasge from Michelle & Lorenzo in Sunny Italy!

Dear Ryan, we just saw your video and we are still excited! We really appreciated your work and we will show it to every single guest who were there and all other friends who were not there. Maybe next year, when we will celebrate our first anniversary, we will come back to Maidstone and we will contact you and all the people who had worked for us for a toast. Let’s keep in touch!

Best Wishes for you,

Lorenzo & Michelle


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