Louise + James

Louise + James

Thursday 9th July 2015

I have been looking forward to writing this blog from the morning we arrived at Louise and James’ special day. So much to say about such a fantastic couple who truly were so fun to work with. From the beginning…

For me, the day didn’t start off so well. Commuting from London this morning with the July 2015 Tube Strikes was a challenge to say the least. From Manor House, Finsbury Park, Kings Cross, Holborn, Ebbsfleet International, Gillingham and lastly Cooling Castle Barn I did my absolute fair share of busy buses, manic motorways and crazy commuters. I was very happy to see Ryan and get my wedding face on.

Lou was getting ready in one of the luxury bedroom suites at Cooling Castle and with equipment in hand we made our way on up. We were greeted by the talented James Heffernan of FunkyPixel Photography who we’ve worked with on many occasions.  Lou was in the process of having her hair done, extremely calm and collective and super excited for her big wedding day. I think the planning of this day had been a long process and it was amazing how quickly this day came around. With her hair complete and Michum deodorant on it was nearly time to put on the dress. With the help of Lou’s wonderful bridesmaids, Rosie, Leah, Emma, Sarah and Jo the dress was nearly on and it was time for me to head to the pergola for the couples outside ceremony. Cooling Castle has amazing grounds with lovely flowers blossoming and with the sun beaming down it made the perfect outside ceremony – for once the English weather did us proud!

I met James aka Cody as he stood anxiously awaiting his soon-to-be wife alongside best man Matt and his 4 ushers.  Something that I really admired throughout this day was that the couple were 100% themselves. Genuinely, the love and support of their family and friends was incredibly clear and there was nothing but happiness at the prospect of these two great individuals marrying one another.

The bridal party were on their way and the first glimpse of feet stepping outside onto the aisle was Lou and Cody’s impeccably dressed sons Harry and Louis and the five beautiful bridesmaids. They all looked lovely and the bridesmaid’s dresses were absolutely gorgeous. Flower girl Chloe, was also super sweet and such a lovely little girl.

Lou stepped outside and accompanied by her brother and father she walked along the aisle wearing the most elegant and classy dress. She looked incredible and bought Cody to tears, of course he is super manly and everything but sometimes they just can’t be held back and too right.

The ceremony was over before no time and the signing of the registers were complete. Often the formalities of the ceremonies leave couples feeling really nervous and on edge but certainly not today. Lou and Cody were brilliant and interacted with everyone throughout the ceremony, it was their day and of course they were going to make the most of it. Something I really admired about these two.

Our next move was onto the wedding breakfast where the speeches would take place. Guests were soon seated and treated to a delicious three course meal. Today we also had a meal and Cooling definitely deserves a mention for its remarkably tasty meals in addition, of course, to being a marvellous wedding venue. Stuart, todays wedding coordinator was outstanding and proved to be a favourite with the family.

It was in the speeches that we learnt Lou and Cody met in the romantic suburban district of the South East – Bexleyheath!!! A pub in Bexleyheath in fact and they say romance is dead? 😉

The speeches were great and very original from all speakers. We’re looking forward to you seeing and listening to them again.  The best bit however has to be from Lou herself when she cut the cake and shouted “now let’s partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” – brilliant.

With the speeches complete we tagged along for the large couples shot with James. Little did we know that we would be traipsing through wheat fields with cameras, wine glasses, tipsy guests and Lou’s constant rapping of old-school tunes. It was so funny but unfortunately we didn’t get to do the face plant shot that Lou really wanted! I think it totally would have been great.

We had a brilliant day and it didn’t feel like a day of work for us at all. Lou and Cody are one of the nicest couples and it was an absolute pleasure for us to video you both. Lou, I hope now you can finally believe that you are married. We wish you both an amazing future with one another and your lovely children. Thank you for having us – we had a blast!


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