Melanie + Lee

St. John’s Church Hildenborough & Mountains Country House Wedding Video

Melanie + Lee

Friday 17th July 2015

What a brilliant start to the day, retuning to our home county Kent. We were in fact to begin our time in Kemsley, Sittingbourne for the bridal preparations of our lovely bride Melanie. On arrival at Mel’s house we were introduced to bridesmaids Katie, Lauren, Emma, Rachel, Frances and Danielle and of course the most important woman of the wedding, Mel. Surrounded by hair and makeup artists, excitable bridesmaids and one very cute little niece, the preparations for today, were well undergo. Glancing around the room you could tell that this day had been long awaited. Countdown calendars, framed schedules, gifts and a morning shower plan, Mel was certainpenly on the ball and anxiously excited about her special wedding day.

We began filming the action and immediately we noticed that Mel was exceptionally easy to film. Before the makeup had even been finalised her face was very naturally pretty and she appeared at ease throughout. It was also at this point where we met the lovely Stacey from ‘Ivitamay Photography’ who was great to work alongside and such a sweet lady.

We headed upstairs to find the dress perfectly framed in a bedroom window. It looked amazing and beautifully detailed, the sunlight was blazing through the windows and the curtains were blowing in a flurry of fresh breeze; the shot worked extremely well.

The mornings always seem to fly by in bridal preparations. One minute it feels like the bridal party have plenty of time, ready almost too early and the next, cars are arriving and it’s time to vacate to the church. We gathered our equipment and headed onto St. John’s Church in Hildenborough, Kent. It was quite a drive between Mel and Lee’s house but when we arrived at the church we fully understood why. The building was amazing. With large stained glass windows at both the front and rear of the church the inside oozed with colour and warmth. The ceilings were tremendously high and the detail in the wood throughout was remarkable.

Before we entered the church a charming man with shades and a swanky blue suit approached us. It was Lee, our groom and it was great to finally meet.

The guests began to be seated and whilst standing at the front looking among the couples family and friends I noticed something out of the norm. Wondering if I should intervene, the guests were sitting on opposite sides to usual. I managed to speak to Lee’s mum, Jane and I really admired the response I received. Mel and Lee simply preferred their facial angles this way so decided to swap sides throughout the service. What a couple! I loved it. Your wedding, is your day and it should be exactly how you want it.

We were all ready, we waited and waited and waited but still no bridal party. After a good 30 minutes later they finally arrived and successfully set the new record for the reverends latest bride.

Besides best man Oliver, Lee took to the front and awaited the moment he would certainly never forget. In came our page boy Leo and flower girl Pennie followed by bridesmaids and by no means last but not least Mel, accompanied by her father. It was a rush of emotion for Lee and Ryan captured the pure reaction as he laid eyes on the woman he met from nextdoor as she walked down the aisle. To say she looked stunning would be an understatement and the pair stood hand in hand as the service began. From the childhood sweethearts that these two were I’m sure the dream that once was, became a reality today.

Several tears later, the declarations, vows, giving and receiving of the rings, the blessing and the signing of the register were complete. Our next destination was Mountains Country House, Kent, a short distance from the church. Built in 1866 Mountains is a 19th century wonder with brilliant staff and many years of wedding experience. The weather was perfect and guests stood drinking champagne on the venue grounds overlooking elegant scenery. The day delivered nothing but pure elegance and detail from the lace chair covers to the impressive table decorations with flower centrepieces. The marquee looked amazing and guests enjoyed their three course meal sitting beside friends and family.

The next formality was the speeches, a pressure I’m sure Mel’s father, Lee and Oliver all adopted.  They really were all great and did so well in the delivery of their speaking. From happy tears to giggles and shots of orange alcohol, they each did Mel and Lee proud in one way or another.

The cake also deserves a special mention, very unique and stylish for all sweet-tooth lovers made by the incredible Serena Chin at ‘Cobi and Coco’ cakes. It really was impressive and the attention to detail was amazing.  Check out more of her cakes here

Our day was nearly over and the party was just getting started. On behalf of Ryan and I, I’d like to thank you both for having us and allowing us to be a part of your special day. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and we wish you all the joy and happiness in the world in your newly wedded lives together.





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