Naomi + Andy

Naomi + Andy

Tuesday 25th August 2015

As I pulled open my curtains this morning I was pleasantly surprised that finally the dismal weather had glorified into a warm glow. How long this would last however, was another story…

From the hoot of the car Ryan was ready and raring to collect me from our parent’s house in Minster, Kent. We drove along the motorway and made our travels to Waterslade, Kent where Naomi was eagerly preparing for one of the biggest days of her life, her wedding day. We located the house, loaded ourselves with tripods, cameras and gadgets and made our way in. The house was stunning. Steph, Naomi’s mum and the owner of the house told me that actually it was up for sale. As beautiful and luxurious as it was my bank balance somewhat would struggle to fund this I feel but one can only dream… haha.

Naomi from the get go was absolutely lovely and such a warming person to be around. Within minutes of our introduction you could tell that she really was a very king and generous individual. The atmosphere in the house was calm and steady but very exciting. Everything appeared to be on schedule and the opportunities to video in the house and the attractive bridal party were endless. Naomi and Andy’s gorgeous little girls Ava and Harriet were also among the preparations and they were so well behaved and excited for their mummy and daddy’s big day ahead.

We were working alongside James Heffernan of Funky Pixel today and in fact the day before too. It’s a good job we like you Heffernan and I’m betting some plagiarism of this blog will appear within a few hours of its upload!

We arrived at St Peter & St Paul’s Church and it was from this moment that my umbrella became remarkably convenient. From the distance between the car and the church we unloaded our equipment and quickly began filming the arrival of the ushers and Andy himself. Everything was in order, guests arriving, Andy greeting his friends and family and the organisation of the morning impersonating control and smoothness. So smooth in fact it was actually our groom who took it upon himself to deposit cones at the entrance of the church for the bridal cars arrival. Working in Kent Police obviously has some great perks and of course this was the greatest of them all. Cones all round?

Andy was also a really lovely guy and you could tell that this couple were an ultimate match. As he welcomed guests and the realisation of the time drawing in became apparent the nerves were starting to appear but he remained calm and awaited his soon-to-be wife. Alongside best men Dean and Dan he stood as the bridal party made their entrance. The emotions really kicked up a notch when beautiful Ava and Harriet walked along the aisle smiling at their daddy. Accompanied by her step father Naomi graced the room with an absolutely stunning presence. She looked truly amazing and the dress was simply incredible. Her figure looked amazing and Andy really is one of the luckiest men alive.

Our next destination was Mountains Country House, Hildenborough, Kent. We’ve worked here several times before and always look forward to seeing the staff and catching up. From the extreme downpour you would have expected the rain to bring a downer on the day but Mountains is extremely cosy and it certainly wasn’t stopping the enjoyment in any way.

From the distance I could hear the sounds of some seriously talented musicians and correctly I was, KD Jazz & Dance Orchestra treated us to an afternoon of jazz and they were amazing! I would definitely recommend checking them out…

It was soon time for the guests to take to their seats and relax in the marquee with some delicious food and wine. Of course not everyone was as relaxed knowing that lies ahead several anxious speeches awaited. Many toasts, tears, cheers and beers later the speeches were complete and boy didn’t they all do well. We were even involved in a competitive game of Mr and Mrs and a great laugh was had by all.

Still raining and the evening drawing in it was party time and time for Ryan and I to depart. We really did enjoy our day and it made us realise how lucky we are as Videographers to share such an important day with you all. Naomi and Andy, we are so pleased and grateful you chose us and we wish you all the love and happiness as the new Jones family.

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