A young Ryan & Carrie play working in an office

I first joined Talking Fly in 2014 and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown!

As many of you know, Ryan, Lead Videographer, is my sibling. We have a great relationship, not only is he my brother but also a best friend and working alongside him is truly wonderful.

Back in the day when Ryan was a one man band, he would have minimal equipment and therefore it was easy for him to manage bags and cameras. Through the years, our cameras became more advanced, we used more lenses, microphones were introduced and bigger tripods made their way into our collection. The equipment was too bulky to manoeuvre for one person and it was becoming an issue… along comes Carrie!

In 2014 I was 21 years of age, a frizzy haired, nervous youngster with no idea what excursion with the company was to be had. It was also around this time that Talking Fly launched ‘Guest Cam’ and this was definitely something up my street that needed my assistance.

The Wedding Day

On my first wedding day I was known as ‘The Bag Lady’, like a loaded donkey I would carry the bags from one place to one another allowing Ryan to focus on the filming in hand. In the evening I had a greater role, to encourage family and friends to leave messages on the ‘Guest Cam’. I loved it, I got to experience a couple marry and for someone who had only been to a handful of weddings, it was exhilarating. By all means, I would happily be a ‘Bag Lady’ if it meant I could witness it all again.

In the seasons to follow, I adopted an interest in cameras, wondering what Ryan was actually doing. I began filming more frequently, shooting from the front of ceremonies, covering one angle whilst Ryan would shoot from the other. In turn, I learnt more about the cameras, where the SD cards and batteries were placed, how to mount them onto tripods and GlideCams. Ultimately this helped Ryan hugely and allowed an abundance of flexibility in relation to timings. I could prepare our full church service or ceremony set-up whilst guest arrivals, location shots and those pre-wedding nerves were captured.

When it comes to the running of the day, you can always rely on Carrie to know the ins and outs. Where the group photos are taking place, when the couple shoot is going to take place, what time the guests will be seated for dinner, the list goes on. It’s my responsibility to know as much information as possible, to ensure we’re proactive and making the most of the time you have us for.

To this day, I still love what we do! I consider myself extremely lucky to work in such a magical job. I feel the lump in my throat at pretty much every wedding in speeches when we start to delve more intimately into the background of the couple we’re filming. The Grannies, aww the Grannies and Grandads get me every time. Sadly only having one grandparent left means that I fall in love with anyone over the age of 80.

No two weddings are ever the same, each one has something unique and that keeps the job completely fresh. Being the social butterfly that I am, meeting new people is something I thoroughly enjoy and the benefit of not being involved in post-production means I get to enjoy watching it all back again in the months to come.