Sarah + Wayne

Sarah + Wayne

Saturday 18th July 2015

I remember this day well. The sun was so warm and we were returning to the stunning Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent. One of the many fantastic things about Leeds Castle is its beauty from every possible angle. It always makes for such wonderful, stunning footage and it really is a privilege to film.

After a nice little lay-in at my hometown in Kent I met Ryan and we headed for the motorway. Today’s ceremony was going to be a later than usual, starting at 4, so we had lots of time once we arrived to get outside shots. When we reached the castle the staff were fantastic. From radio mics to technological ear pieces we were quickly shown in the right direction to the room of the bridal party. The room was luxurious with fabulous furnishings and impeccable decoration.

We were introduced to Sarah’s lovely bridesmaids and of course the most important person, Sarah. Immediately she greeted us with a welcoming hug and we knew that today was going to be really pleasant with a great group of people. We captured the action among the room and it really was the perfect start to one of the most important days of Sarah and Wayne’s lives.  From the beautiful large windows where Sarah sat and had her makeup applied, to the spacious bathroom overlooking the castle grounds where the dress was hung. It was of upmost class and elegance. Something that I will forever remember was the moment when Sarah’s parents looked upon their beautiful daughter as she stood in her stunning wedding dress. They looked at her utterly proud with loving eyes and across the room stood her bridesmaids, arm in arm with tears in their eyes. Sarah looked truly amazing and I couldn’t wait for Wayne to see her.

As the time flew by we were shown to the room where Wayne and his groomsmen were getting ready. Through passageways, corridors and numerous stairwells and what felt like a good 10 minutes later, we found them. Anxiously finalising their suits the groomsmen were almost ready for the ceremony and so were we! Wayne was so charming and immediately you could tell this pair were completely compatible. Individually they were extremely hospitable towards us, making sure we were fed and hydrated. They really were an excellent pair.

The castle library was almost full with Sarah and Wayne’s lovely friends and family. Our tripods and cameras were at the ready and I stood in the ceremony room whilst my ears were treated to the beautiful sounds of the string quartet.

Today we were working alongside photographers Fiona of Fiona Kelly Photography and Christina Rossi. Both ladies were great and their photos are awesome! We very much hope it isn’t too long until our next meeting 🙂

It was nearly time for the ceremony to begin and whilst an anxious Wayne awaited his bride, Sarah made her way from the Green Bedroom. In came the bridesmaids followed by Sarah herself accompanied by her father. What a vision, that simply blew the guests away. The atmosphere was ecstatic and as the couple greeted one another, the realisation of their big day was fully upon them. It’s hard to imagine that after meeting ten years ago these two were just starting their lives together and now stood hand in hand on their wedding day.

Something I particularly loved about today was the vows in which this wonderful couple made to one another. From rhyming words to witty banter and sentimental sentences it truly was very sweet and it was evident the amount of time and effort had been made by both parties. The reading delivered by one of Sarah’s bridesmaids was also beautiful. The words were gorgeous and it really did feel like it was made especially for Sarah and Wayne.

The weather was absolutely perfect and exactly how you’d wish for your wedding day. With a glass of bubbles in hand and the fabulous sunshine beaming down, the guests enjoyed mooching around the castle grounds. Although the castle is open to the public, in the early evening it closes and this gives guests an ideal opportunity to sit within the suave studies and lounges within the castle.

The next formality of the day was the speeches and this is always something I greatly look forward to. With microphone in hand Sarah’s father began and didn’t he set the standard. His words about Sarah were so kind and it was evident how much time and love he had for his incredible daughter.  Wayne’s speech was also brilliant and we even got our own little mention which was incredibly charming and completely unexpected.  Wayne’s best men also took to the spotlight and the speeches were fantastic, completely original and honestly, I got so engaged my mind began to drift from the fact I was supposed to be working. We also had a speech from one of the bridesmaids in which was very sweet.

It was nearly time for us to leave and we genuinely felt like we were among friends throughout our day.  Sarah and Wayne truly are one of the sweetest couples and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your magnificent day. When people dream of a perfect wedding, it’s often unrealistic but this really was perfect from start to finish and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. As we were gathering our bags and equipment to begin our journey home we looked out onto the dancefloor and I could actually feel a tear in my eye. Sarah & Wayne were dancing away with their golden oldies and the faces of pure joy on these ladies was amazing and it really did make my heart melt. I’m sure you’ll see exactly what I mean from the video.

Thank you so much for having us, you were an absolute delight!



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