A couple getting married in a civil wedding ceremony at Maiden's Barn, Essex, UK

It is not surprising that many couples feel anxious about being filmed. The fear of the unknown really is greater than the actual reality. Especially when it comes to how we approach filming on your wedding day.

Having worked in the industry for many years we are completely committed to effectively making you feel at ease.

One of our most common statements of feedback is how couples hardly notice we were around. Our style is utterly natural, we film from a fly-on-the-wall style perspective.  The day is not about us, it’s all about you. I can promise that we will never stage a single shot or prepare a scene, like a movie set. Everything we capture is how it unfolds on the day. We find that couples soon relax in our company using this approach.

We will not be in your way. A great videographer does not need complexities, they work with what’s presented in front of them and make it look stunning.

Commonly, people tend to uphold a larger amount of pressure when it comes to video, but you will most probably see more of your photographer than us. There are no huge cameras resting on the shoulder of an old-school cameraman, equipped with a large headset shouting “CUT”. Our equipment is discreet and easily manoeuvrable to intertwine between guests.

The most intense section of the day for you, will be in the morning whilst preparing for the walk down the aisle. If you’re getting ready in a bright open space, it makes our lives easier and we are more able to find spots in corners of the room. Alternatively, climbing over beds and in between small humans is something we are pretty used to.

Simply because of the video’s narrative, we tend to be the more noticeably present in the morning with those all-important detail shots. From then on, you will find us in the background, doing our job and capturing all the magical moments that evolve.

Think about how fast the day will go, decide how much time, if any, you are willing to lend to the camera. If you are anxious, I would highly recommend using natural, documentary style suppliers to film and photograph your wedding. You can guarantee that there will be minimal, potentially cringey instructions given.

Definitely do your research, especially with your photographer as typically they will spend a fair bit of time with you on the day. If you’re naturally more Bridget Jones than Kate Moss behind the camera, Google investigation is imperative.

When it comes to your couple shoot, don’t overthink it. By the time it comes around, you would have already done most of those nerve-wracking formalities. The best shots captured are when you’re having a giggle with one another, deciding which groomsman will be he drunkest and being your thorough selves.