The Wedding of

Steff + Olly

30 October 2015

The Wedding of

Steff + Olly

30 October 2015

A large wedding banner hanging from the front window and the distant giggles of excited bridesmaids meant one thing, we had arrived in full swing for bridal preparations in Rainham, Kent and what a brilliant bunch they were!

Upon our arrival we were really pleased to realise we were working alongside one of our very good friends and one incredible lady, Fiona Stone today’s photographer.

The sun was shining and in complete contrast to the week prior. It was so warm that it was absolutely essential that mum Teresa got her blossoming hanging baskets and flowerbeds in camera shot. Those green finger times throughout the year were certainly not going to waste.

The girls were great and we had a real laugh whilst getting ready. Of course not forgetting the most important lady Steff who was an absolute beauty from the moment we met. She was incredibly calm and relaxed wanting nothing but to enjoy her day marrying the man of her dreams on her wedding day.

The morning was so nice and we were treated to lots of pastries and doughnuts to fuel us through the day. The family were really lovely and we knew a great day was ahead of us.

After filming the hair and makeup preparations we headed on to the next destination. We arrived at St Margret’s Church in Rainham, Kent and began filming the exterior of the beautifully old building. The natural lighting inside was absolutely divine and it has to be our favourite church to film in.

We met our lovely groom Olly alongside best man Nick and his ushers. He was looking incredibly smart and immediately you could see how excited he was to greet his soon-to-be wife. Ryan filmed the guests arriving whilst I set up the tripods and equipment. Before no time at all guests took to their seats and we were all awaiting out beautiful bride. A special mention to mum Teresa who looked gorgeous in her classy dress and hat as she entered the church. Then, in came the bridesmaids and in the arm of her brother, Steff stepped inside the church. She looked absolutely amazing!!! It was such a special moment and it was fantastic to witness Steff have her moment as the guests were left stunned.

Before the service was complete a little escapee vacated his seat, wandered up the aisle and decided he would head for the baptism font. His journey was very nearly successful until dad Phil caught him and they returned to their seats. From then on, the ceremony felt lovely and relaxed as guests sat watching this wonderful couple tie the knot.

Our next destination was The Barnyard in Upchurch, Sittingbourne. In the beautiful countryside of Kent the venue boasts acres of land in a picturesque setting. With a romantic wooden bridge, seating areas with pretty flowers and fields home to numerous animals, this isn’t just a wedding venue!

Ryan and I were delighted to be here today, we’d never worked at the Barnyard before which meant lots of new opportunities to film in such lovely surroundings.

The guests mooched around the venue enjoying the company of their friends and family as we filmed in and around it all. The venue looked superb and something that absolutely deserves an almighty mention is the wonderful cake made by ‘The Whitstable Cake Company’.  A total of 16 tiers, this was certainly our most impressive cake to have seen and it just looked absolutely incredible. I cannot imagine the amount of time and effort that went into creating it.

The men certainly did Steff proud with speeches from Brother Phil, Nick and Olly in addition to a few words from the lovely Steff herself.  It really was quite emotional and after a few giggles, tears and toasts the speeches were complete.

We were really pleased to see the arrival of Rob Glendinning a familiar face and one of the best magicians I have ever seen. Honestly, the longer you watch him, the more confused you’ll be and brilliant he becomes. I really cannot express how talented this man truly is and he really did add some great entertainment throughout the evening.

The disco was unravelled, the dancefloor was flashing and the music turned up a notch. Somebody who certainly knows how to get the party started is the wonderful Ross Kavanagh of ‘1 Entertainment’. An absolute corker of a party was going to be had as the dancefloor was full before the first dance had even began.

We had such a lovely day at your wedding and we are so pleased that you chose us! It was a pleasure to meet you both and we wish you all the happiness in the world together as your life as a married couple begins :)