When it’s time to choose that wedding dress, what a feeling!

Now whatever your budget, wherever you’re shopping and however you choose to find your dress there is nothing more magnificent than when you’ve chosen the one.

It’s many of our childhood dreams and it’s the gown that embarks the reality.

Does it have to be white?

Of course not, you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Historically, brides would simply choose their favourite, formal gown which could be any hue. In fact, black was one of the more popular colours, as imperfections were easily hidden and it could be worn multiple times.  Green was considered unlucky, but we are not a superstitious crowd.

The Traditional White Wedding Dress

It wasn’t until 1402 where the rise in white wedding dresses began. In 1840 Queen Victoria married in a white dress, trend-setting for brides in the years to come. She brought an appearance of wealth and class which became a must-have for those trying to impress. In Eastern cultures, white is often accompanied by other colours, believed to have brought good luck and symbolising a celebration.

Modern Day Wedding Dresses

Having said that, working in this wonderful wedding industry exhibits you to huge variations and styles of gowns. Weddings are expensive and the joyful world of today’s culture is allowing. You can browse through the internet and find trillions of dresses, skirts, suits – whatever takes your fancy.
From an Empire Line, The Mermaid, The Ball Gown, The A-Line, they are all beautiful in their own right so get researching and find your one.

When you think you’ve found it, before handing over your cash remember that it needs to be comfortable. You’ll be manoeuvring about, potentially entering and exiting vehicles, dancing and sitting! If it’s a wide dress, think about walking down the aisle, can you both fit nicely? If its strapless, does the bust fit well? My top tip here is to make sure it does! You’re going to be on show all day, so make sure you’re not pulling your dress to and fro. Be sure to have a little jiggle around prior to any adjustment fittings you’ll have.


Shoes are also imperative. If you’ve chosen to wear a heel, can you walk around in them all day? Do you need a flat alternative for dancing? Have you worn them in prior to the day to avoid blisters?

Hopefully you’re not feeling the pressure but if you are struggling, remember that the most important people are the two of you and your other half has probably smelt your stale breath in the morning, so, anything from there is an improvement.