Happily-ever-after wedding card

According to online sources, the average UK wedding in 2019 cost approximately £30,000. Ouch. Weddings are extremely expensive. However, over the years I have whittled down some cost-saving solutions that I feel can really minimise the bank balance blow.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, affects how many of these things you chose to implement. Other than your essential Celebrant cost and perhaps your venue too, the rest really does rely on preventing your imagination running way into the wilderness.


Ask yourself, do you really need the feathered enriched 300gsm heavy duty card to package, post and send? Designed by a freelance graphic designer written alongside a professional calligraphy writer? Most probably not. Of course, this luxury is great and affordable for some but the fancier and more involved the invite, the higher the price, especially when posting. If you have time on your hands, think about handmade invitations. Hobbycraft have some terrific inspiration. Alternatively, there are some really great templates in stores and online including Moonpig and Not On The Highstreet.

This coincides with your table plan and table decorations. Some venues will have a standard table plan that you will be able to use. Again, if you want to jazz it, have a look on Etsy or Pinterest. You can create some really lovely, affordable, decorations to really lift the look on a simple design. Something as straightforward as few wildflowers in an old jam jar is low-cost but looks great in mass.


As a suppliers experience and reputation grows – their prices tend to rise accordingly. This is of course natural, as their skill-set and knowledge has increased the end product will also be superior.  If you were to book your videographer years in advance, you’re more likely to secure a better deal and a fixed price. If finances are difficult, check the deposit rate and ask the supplier if they have payment plans available. You should not be paying total balances upfront years before the wedding, so you’ll have additional time to spread the cost.

Wedding Outfits

Victoria Beckham’s marriage to David in 1999 dressed her in an unbelievable £63,000 Vera Wang designer wedding gown. Bringing us back to reality, from a dress that cost roughly the same as two UK house deposits, it may not be apparent but wearing the same wedding dress again is highly unlikely. Spending an average of £1500 on a dress for one day seems a little steep. Have you thought about renting your bridal party attire? At times, these can still be a little pricey by the time calculations are added up. Do some math and check your price comparisons. If it is still too high, pre-loved and owned is worth a chance. Locally, check for stores nearby or alternatively eBay is a trusty bet.


That crucial and equally headache worthy job of creating your guestlist is one heck of a job. Be as meticulous as you can by dividing a list of ‘Day & Evening Guests’. Each member of your wedding party will need to be fed and there will be a price per head to cater for. It is at this point where you should opt for plus-ones and additional extras to be on the evening guest list. The truth is, you will most likely ponder upon this list for days, but be conscious of not inviting the world and their aunt to be in your company all day.

Cake / Dessert

There is almost always too much cake leftover at a wedding… standard. You find yourself trying to give away servings at any opportunity to avoid wastage. The most effective way of ensuring your cake is worthwhile, is to use it as your dessert. I’ve seen this a few times and it’s worked fabulously. If you are opting for a tiered cake, mix up the flavours and you’re bound to cover all taste options.


It may feel a little difficult at first but it is important to keep your head positioned firmly on your shoulders. In years to come what is it you will remember most about the day? Are all the things you wished for actually necessary? Your friends and family are witnesses to your marriage. They aren’t attending to leave the wedding gaining a goody bag, endless cake and a new table plan for their dining room.