Vicky + Andy

Craig-Y-Nos Castle You Shoot Wedding Highlights Video

Vicky + Andy

It just occurred to me that although I wasn’t present at this wedding, I absolutely had to write a mini blog post about this wonderful couple.

Ryan first introduced me to Vicky at a wedding last year and I have to say she wasn’t anything short of what I was expecting. A woman with extreme passion for her job within her ‘Floral Impact’ company, always going above and beyond helping everyone out and quite often putting her needs last. She was incredibly bubbly, exactly up my street and her attention to detail was so extreme that her team of workers were running around like headless chickens. Of course, I soon came to realise that this trio was formed of her husband Andy and daughter Charlette aka Charlee.

Although completely unhelpful, watching Vicky work was comical and the banter between Andy and her was brilliant. Swear words flying across the incomplete and undecorated room whilst Andy ran around the tables arranging the centre pieces and returning Vicky’s insults. Charlee running to and throw the van with sweet boxes all whilst reassuring Charlee that she should never use those naughty words. As always, the end result of her work is outstanding, of complete perfection and couples are always delighted with their efforts

Whilst chatting away Vicky informed us that she was yet to complete her second ALS ice bucket challenge. Throwing it out there Ryan laughed and said “you should do it now Vic” and immediately she agreed. Bearing in mind that Vicky had no spare clothes, had no access to a shower after the ordeal and had to wait at the venue all day until the wedding had finished in wet clothes, she was more than up for it. Within minutes of our arrangement she returned with a bucket from her van, ice and water from the bar all set to go. One crazy lady that I knew I’d definitely get along with.

When Vicky messaged Ryan to film her wedding at Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Wales we were so upset we were already booked. I knew for sure it would have been an absolute blast with this group of people. Luckily our other cameras were available and we delivered our two “You Shoot” cameras to Vicky and Andy’s house in Orpington, Kent. We couldn’t wait to watch the footage back in weeks to come knowing that this wedding renewal was going to be one to remember.

Truth be told the cameras returned, they certainly didn’t disappoint, the edit was complete and here the video is!

Vicky, you looked stunning and Andy you looked dapper! I only wish we could have been present at the wedding to witness this lovely couple and family’s big day. Vicky has been such a good friend of ours, always supporting our work and recommending us to all her brides. I personally can’t thank her enough for her mission in also getting me some kind of singing record deal. One day Vic, one day!

Congratulations to you both. Bring on the grey hairs, wrinkly skin and bad backaches as you age beautifully together in the years to come.

We love you!

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