Much like our whole ‘behind the scenes’ approach we aim to fit in at your wedding day. This continues true with our working attire on the big day.
Depending on the time of the year will obviously affect our choice of clothing but here is a heads up for what you can expect.

It is super important that we are smart, yet comfortable. We spend most of the day on our feet and over the years we have mastered the craft of comfortable and smart pairs of shoes. You can rest assured that we will never wear trainers or sloppy footwear.

When it comes to the upper half, Ryan often wears a black polo shirt and you can usually find me in a comfy maxi dress. We use our arms constantly, moving camera angles, tripods, and heavy equipment in addition to supporting Glidecams. We have found the more flexibility in our clothing, the less restrictions whilst filming and that really contributes to the ease of our day. The lower half of attire is more than likely black jeans or chinos.

Over the years, we’ve waded through muddy festival weddings, walked across stony beaches and succeeded in bustling our ways through the busiest of London streets. We are always ready for the situation in hand so that the focus is solely on you. With some light advanced planning our cars can be found loaded with brollies, spare shoes, plasters, boots, the list goes on.