Bride having photo taken whilst getting ready for wedding

As videographers we are a part of your wedding supplier family, and supplier’s jobs are to make you, our client, happy! It’s as simple as that.

In all our years of working within the wedding industry, I can count very few times when we haven’t had a photographer at the wedding. To put it simply, it’s very unusual for us to not be sharing you. We have many years’ experience working with hundreds of different photographers and as long as your photographer is focused on getting the best outcome for you, then our intentions match. We work as a team.

With our fly-on-the-wall, natural approach to your day we will never ask you to stage anything. Quite often photographers will do this but it is nothing we will get in the way of. Our zoom lenses allow us to capture close up, detail shots whilst being in the background and remaining unobtrusive. This will leave lots of room for your photographer to manoeuvre around as freely as they like.

When it comes to filming ceremonies and churches – this is the most static part of the day for us. We use several tripods that need positioning but we have a great knack of switching between shots, again, enabling your photographer to get their best shots too.

Often, there are many other photographers appearing at weddings, AKA family members and mobile phones, or worse iPads!

We love your guests get involved in the day, they know your friends and family more than we do, everyone looks great and smiles are all round. However, if you can – encourage your guests to see the day through their own eyes and let your photographer and videographer worry about the rest. We are professionals, used to adapting in our surroundings and capturing all that unfolds. This is especially important in the ceremony. Those breath-taking moments when the aisle is walked down create a perfect opportunity and only our HD cameras give justice to those pin dropping moments.