Just married couple in a car just leaving the church surrounded by snow

The almighty struggle to reach a decision on your wedding date has arrived. The uncertainty of UK weather lingering over you poses as a dampened, unwanted guest that you never invited.

Do you aim for that dreamy day in the sunshine across cropped fields and blossoming flowers? When the sunset is golden, and the breeze is warm? Or, do you opt for the cosiness of an open fireplace adjacent views of picturesque snowflakes preciously falling?

Well, the likelihood is… the UK forecast really is unpredictable. You’ll never guarantee sunshine in summer and snow in winter.

My advice is very simple regarding this matter. Base your wedding in a month that is achievable and suitable for you. If you’re working to a budget, seasons in between are most certainly cheaper. When referring to Winter and Summer weddings, I imply in the height of both. The focal point of winter being December and August for summer.

Deals are to be had in off-season Months

Quite often you will find not only venue deals but suppliers too. This is something that we absolutely do, the reason being that we’re simply quieter throughout the rest of the year and so we welcome weddings during the year in its entirety.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, hopefully you will have bright sunshine, but you should always be prepared. Aim to make alternative backups that relieve  the pressure if the rain does arrive. From a mindset point of view, try to not worry about the weather. You can’t change it, worrying isn’t going to prevent it and the best way to handle it – is to merely get on with it. The day is about the two of you marrying so deny it becoming definitive.


We’ve captured many wonderful shots when the brollies are up, and the droplets are falling. Sometimes venues will supply umbrellas but if they do not, clear ones are preferable. It means we get to see more of your faces when you’re underneath them.

Outside Ceremonies

If an outside ceremony is your dream, discuss your options with your venue. There will more than likely be additional inside ceremony space so if it does start to turn, take shelter inside. You should try and have a flexible approach to this. Remember that some of your guests may be elderly and sitting outside in the wind and rain is not desirable for everyone despite your own inclinations. Take the opportunity to make an informative decision on the day.

Be Prepared for Rain

I’ve mentioned the importance of attire in my blog post ‘Choosing Your all Important Wedding Dress’ but to reiterate, this is something you can definitely forward plan. When it comes to venturing outside, consider buying a shawl or a little something to drape over your shoulders if there is a chill in the air. Being chilly is not pleasant. In addition, ensure you have a pair of weather appropriate shoes to hand. Wellington boots can make some fantastic wedding footage and your feet will benefit hugely from having them on a wet day. Alternatively, a pair of flats to swap between are ideal. If you’re totally down for the ‘heels stuck in the mud’ situation, we’ve got your back too. Whatever works best.

The same applies with wedding dresses. We know you’ve spent lots of money on your magnificent dress and you’ll look stunning in it too. We never plan on you jumping into muddy puddles and if going outside is something you’re just not up for – that’s also more than OK. If you do want to however, don’t be too precious over your dress. By the end of the day, it won’t be pristine and it’s never a sign of a good wedding if you’re walking around like a waxwork, avoiding all forms of potential dirt. You’ll probably only ever wear it once and the local dry cleaners work miracles.

What happens if it’s just too wet to go out?

It’s the job of us videographers and photographers to make the best of whatever situation we’re in, on the day. If going outside is just impossible with gale force winds and torrential rain we work around it. We’ll always be sussing out potential alternatives around the venues, so it’ll be something we’ve already solved. There have been many times, especially in winter, that we’ve remained indoors all day and so we’ll find other ways to get those all-important special moments captured.

To conclude, acceptance of the good old saying “what will be, will be” rings true. Relax and enjoy your day, come rain or shine. Let us worry about the rest.